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Family-owned businesses may be the oldest form of business organization! A family-owned business has certain advantages. We strive to deliver the highest quality goods and services because it is not only a reflection on our company, but a reflection on our name. Committed to excellence and professionalism, we treat clients as our family and when we work on your home, we treat it as if it were our home.

Josh began his career in construction in 2003 when he started working on renovations and home improvement projects in Bethesda. Working on numerous projects throughout the Maryland area Josh gained experience from the ground up including foundations, carpentry, and flooring as well as project coordination, oversight and estimating. 

After starting his family, Josh completed college and obtained his BS degree in 2014. He thought about other career paths but always came back to construction!

Booth Brothers Construction is a family business and we are dedicated to providing excellent work and sensible solutions. Call 443-503-5322 for a quote on your project today. We are happy to provide references and look forward to working with you.