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 Our $169.00 Roof Check-Up consists of an experienced Roof Consultant coming to your home and doing minor repairs on your roof.  Also included in this price is a 21-point inspection of your roof which will help you determine if your roof is sound, if you need additional repairs or if it’s time for a new roof.
If more repairs are necessary, we will give you an on the spot estimate of the costs. If a new roof is called for, we can help you with financing or, if covered by insurance, we can help you navigate working with your insurance company. Just submit this form and we will contact you to schedule a date and time at your convenience.

Our Roof Consultant will perform a 21 Point Inspection and leave you a printed detailed copy. This inspection will include

  • Checking for major granule loss or fiberglass showing through base sheet of shingle
  • If Fiberglass showing, check to see if due to no attic fan or no ridge vent cut in the apex
  • Checking Chimney flashing to see if separating or if caulk is deteriorating
  • Checking mortar joints of chimney and chimney crown
  • Checking vent stack flashing rubber gasket for dry rot
  • Checking for Nail pops (When nail pops through base of shingle)
  • Checking for soaker nails. This occurs when nail is nailed too close to the tab and water seeps through

And more!

​​Booth Brothers Construction

Included with your $169.00

Roof Check-Up


  • Minor caulking
  • Install new gaskets on pipe collars if deteriorated
  • Remove debris if gutters are clogged
  • If additional repairs are needed, we will give you an on the spot price to perform
  • 21 Point Inspection