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Booth Brothers Construction is Family-Owned & Operated in Pasadena, MD that services our surrounding areas!

Two men smiling with arms linked around shoulders

Hi there! My name is Joshua Booth, owner of Booth Brothers Construction! 

My father worked in Concrete Construction for most of his life, going from a laborer to the Vice President of United Masonry in Alexandria, VA. So, it was natural that after high school I went to work at various construction jobs. But, after getting married and having children, I decided I needed to go back to school. My third son was born the year before I received my BS in psychology. The family has since grown to another son and finally a daughter!

While looking for a job that fit my degree, I went to work in Bel Air, MD for a Construction Company. It was then that I realized how much experience I had in that field and seeing how other companies worked – I felt like I could run a business that would value professionalism and integrity as well as deliver a top-quality product.

My two brothers helped get the company off to a great start, but each had other careers they wanted to pursue. Still, we are called Booth Brothers because I can always talk about any aspect of the business with them, and we all place our family first! One of my nephews now works for the company and two of my sons hope to follow the tradition!

Thanks for reading & our team hopes to meet you soon!

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