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Extreme Heat and Your Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in Maryland as well as in the United States. They are durable and resistant to water, heat, wind, and fire. They’re lightweight and reasonably easy to repair or replace. However, extreme heat can still cause damage or exacerbate already weakened shingles over time, both to your shingles and to your flashing.

What kind of damage is caused by heat?

· Shrinking

Asphalt shingles shrink from the heat. This can cause cracks and blisters. Also, the nails that attach the shingles to the roof may then pop out, causing the shingles to rise.

· Cracking

Cracked shingles will allow moisture and water under your shingles which leads to water damage to the roof structure.

· Curling

Curling usually occurs when there is already some moisture damage and is often caused by inadequate attic ventilation.

· Blisters

Blistering starts as a cosmetic issue but is indicative of potential issues. Eventually the blistering causes the protective granules on the surface of the asphalt to loosen and fall off which allows moisture to seep into the roof structure.

· Drying of Caulking

Caulking around the flashing can dry and pull away causing moisture and leaking. Sometimes this type of damage is difficult to diagnose by the homeowner, especially in the early stages.

Blistering on shingles
Nails popping on shingles
Curling and cracking of shingles

How can I prevent damage to my shingled roof?

· The first step to ensuring your shingles don’t have extreme damage from heat is a properly installed roof.

· Lighter colored shingles reduce the heat absorbed and can give you a longer roof life expectancy in warmer climates. Black shingles absorb heat so are an advantage in colder climates.

· Proper ventilation is often overlooked but it is really important. It will help to cool down the roof and prevent a build-up of condensation. In an attic, proper ventilation will ensure the air circulates, dissipating the heat.

· Regular roof inspections will not prevent damage but will allow damage to be identified at an early stage. It is far less expensive to replace a few damaged shingles than an entire roof or a large section.

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