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Hurricanes and YOUR roof!

My first thought when thinking about hurricanes and heavy rains is that, of course, high winds would not be good for your roof. But there really is a little more to it than that.

For long-time residents of Maryland, you may have noticed that our rains have been increasingly heavier than in the past. While our state is not known for severe hurricanes as much as other areas of the country, we do get them.

I’ll try and get a video the next time we have severe weather here, but in the meantime here’s one I took when visiting Florida just to put you in the frame of mind!

Wind is certainly one of the primary causes of damage to a roof because it can loosen your shingles or even cause them to blow off which can leave your roof open to further water damage. Sometimes flashing and/or gutters can also be torn off or damaged.

Really severe wind can even cause a section of your roof to be blown off! Obviously this would result in significant water damage!

hurricane damage, where's watson,gutter

Keeping your roof in good condition is really your first line of defense.

See our Basic Roof Maintenance and Spring Roof Check-Up to learn more.

Our family dog, Watson, is hiding somewhere in one of the pictures on this page. He likes to have input on these blogs!

Here's a picture of him in case you didn't see him on one of our other pages.

Watson, Labrador retriever, dog

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