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Why Choose Family-Owned?

When you are looking for home services such as roofing, you have a choice of going with a smaller family-owned contractor or a big-name corporate owned business.

Some people feel that a corporate owned business will be a better fit because they feel there is a level of credibility. But many people will prefer a family-owned business because there is a higher level of trust. To most customers a family-owned business is more customer friendly and more trustworthy than a faceless corporation.

While corporations are able to buy in bulk, reducing their materials cost, they still have to make a profit and frequently that comes in the form of a loss of quality. Even with reduced material costs a corporation has a much higher overhead than a smaller company. We have found instances in which the cost quoted by a corporate company is much higher than our quote.

Many family-owned businesses, such as Booth Brothers, have the family name as part of their business name. This gives us an added incentive to deliver top quality at the best price possible because we stand behind our name. We care about our company, our community and we value our customers.

Watson family dog of Booth Brothers in his new shirt

In keeping with our theme of a family-owned business, we will be including a picture of our family dog, Watson, in each of our blogs.

He's somewhere on the job site but he likes to hide.

Keep looking, you'll find him!

Where is our family dog Watson? He's hiding

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