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Spring Roof Check Up

This picture is from a recent roof inspection. There were several large pine trees near the home and during a storm several of the branches blew off and landed in the gutter.

Debris in gutter

Gutters are an important part of your roof system. Check for sagging, cracks, pulling away and any loose connections. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year and it's especially important In the Spring, because of the heavy rains that normally occur at this time of year.

While this picture shows a large branch in the gutter, more commonplace would be large amounts of leaves and little twigs. Sometimes you'll see sprouted seedlings growing!

Tree Branches on roof

Overhanging tree branches are one of the biggest dangers to your roof. Not only can they scrape against your roof but they can leave twigs, needles, etc. on your roof which can shorten the roof's lifespan.

Loose shingles

Inspect your roof by examining the shingles and noting if there are any missing or curling shingles or if there are any loose nails or loose shingles.

Plenty of you tube videos if you want to try and tackle this yourself but we think it’s usually best to get a professional roof repair if you find yourself in this situation.

Please be careful if you decide to go on your roof. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that about 90,000 people each year are critically injured from ladder-related injuries.

Mold on shingles

You may also notice mold or algae on your shingles. This is fairly normal for a shingle roof. Again, there are videos for DIY but do be careful before you put any chemicals on your roof.

Booth Brothers heartily recommends leaving your roofing needs to a roofing professional by scheduling a roof inspection. #roofing, #boothbrothers #spring #looseshingles

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