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Choosing a Shingle Color

When deciding on the color of shingles for your home, first take into account any functional considerations.

For example, lighter colors reflect more sunlight, therefore keeping shingles cooler and darker colored roofs absorb more sunlight making them warmer. Still, the surface temperature of your shingles doesn’t necessarily have that much impact on the inside temperature of you home. Proper insulation is really what matters when it comes to keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

The aesthetics of the color you choose depend a lot on your personal preference.

Do you prefer a dark or light-colored roof? Depending on the color of your siding or your trim, you could go with a similar tone, or you may find a contrast more attractive.

Different colors for shingles

Take a look around your neighborhood or at other similar homes and see which looks best to you. Unless you have a Homeowners, Association which dictate your choice of shingles, do some research, and go with what you like. If you are having trouble deciding, there are digital tools which you can use to try different colors. As a family-owned small business, we at Booth Brothers can also help you see what is available in both color and pricing.

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